People’s deputy, vice-chairman of the Parliamentary faction of Regions party, head of the VR Committee on freedom of speech and information Anna Herman hopes that the draft bill about strengthening of the responsibility for propagation of racial animosity in Ukraine will be read in the Verkhovna Rada in the nearest future.

Ann Herman mentioned that she had personally developed this document and said that it concerns not only racial but political, ideological and religious animosity.

According to her, the draft bill ‘On the amendments to certain laws of Ukraine regarding the rise of responsibility and strengthening of efforts against racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination’ is now read by the VR committees.

Anna Herman also said there are three draft bills regarding efforts against national intolerance, but she believes her variant is the most rigorous and wide.

“…This is rather rigorous draft bill which provides from 5 to 10 years of imprisonment for racism,’ said Herman.

She also mentioned that foreigners in turn should also make certain steps to avoid misunderstanding. Namely, according to Anna Herman, for that purpose they should learn Ukrainian culture.

‘One of the reasons for this problem is the difference in culture of those who come in Ukraine with those who were born here and live here. This difference sometimes results in disappointing collisions and conflicts,” said Anna Herman. According to her, she is ready to teach Ukrainian free of charge once per week to all fellow citizens and foreigners, who’d like to learn it.


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