The inflation rate in Ukraine totals 14.6% only for January-May, and is exceeding 30% for the previous year, and according to NBU the inflation index for low-income groups exceeds 40%.

Novyie izvestiya compared prices for five products: potato, carrot, chicken, rice and coca-cola in US dollars. They compared the products in Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, Kyiv, London, Astana, Minsk, Baku and Tbilisi.
They found Kyiv’s potato at the highest price, then London, Moscow, Berlin and Stockholm. The cheapest potato was in Minsk (Belarus).

The city of the highest price for carrot is Kyiv again, then Stockholm and Moscow. Berlin and London go after Tbilisi (Georgia). And Minsk is again the most affordable source of carotene.

Minsk has also the lowest price for rice. The highest price for rice was in London, then Stockholm, Kyiv and Moscow.

Chicken is sold at the highest price in Stockholm, then London and Baku (Azerbaijan) and then Kyiv. Chicken in Berlin was sold at the lowest price, being twice cheaper than in Baku.

The cheapest coca-cola was in Tbilisi, Astana (Kazakhstan) and Baku (with a difference at 2-5 cents).

If put the products in a basket, it will be the most expensive in Stockholm and London – more than 14 US dollars, then Kyiv – about 12 US dollars.

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