The sea near Sevastopol and Balaklava turned into kissel. A huge run of jellyfish turned the sea on the south of peninsula into kissel, scaring guests and even local people. Experts explain that small medusas were probably washed ashore and were trapped in the Sevastopol and Balaklava bays. It is a usual picture in the end of summer.

This species are not harmful for human. They have feelers with urticant cells but they can’t sting hard as well as there are no allergic reactions from their “stings”.

‘The water full of medusas is not dangerous for human, there are no unhealthy substances there, it can’t damage health,’ says senior science worker of the plankton department, biological Institute of south seas, candidate of biological sciences Sergey Khvorov, as KP in Ukraine reports.

Meanwhile, the scientist says the unprecedented number of medusas may be a warning that not everything is all right in the Black Sea. If there are many organic contaminants in the water, it becomes a favorable environment for phytoplankton – food for medusas. Naturally, medusas increase their number.

Biologists believe “occupation” is not for a long time.


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