Ukraine is in front of unique facilities – golden time for our country, assures the leader of BYuT in VR Ivan Kyrylenko.

In particular, regarding external challenges our country faces, Kyrylenko noted that Ukraine is in front of unique facilities –‘the time is coming’. ‘Our country, with its 0.4% of the planets land, has 1/3 of the best world’s soil. We can actually provide a billion people with food,’ stated the politician, as Liga reports.

According to him, Russia is ‘growing’ thanks to Siberia (oil and gas), ‘but it’s not for a long time’ while Ukraine –thanks to rural, agro-industrial complex and that is for good.

Ivan Kyrylenko said that ‘Ukraine is in front of its golden time’. ‘And you shouldn’t be an astrologist for that. All we need is heavy financing of farming, soil protection, super modern technologies, processing of raw material here. To export bio-fuel instead of unprocessed rape,’ specified Kyrylenko.


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