Minister of culture and tourism of Ukraine Vasyliy Vovkun proposed to allot an area in Chornobl zone for the monuments devoted to totalitarian regime, he said at the sitting of the Coordinating council on the 75-year commemoration of holodomor 1932-1933s.

The minister noted that the removal of the monuments is carried out now in all regions of Ukraine.

‘There are about 300 memorable boars and stelas in the Khmelnytskyi region and about 100 – in the Cherkasy. In 5 western regions such monument were removed long time ago,’ said Vovkun.

He also reported that there are expositions in all regional centres devoted to holodomor 1932-1933s.

‘Simferopol, Autonomuos Republic of Crimea, is the only city without such exposition,’ said the minister.

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