On Ukraine’s joining NATO its military-industrial complex will be damaged, as it is integrated with Russian MIC, stated constant representative of Russian Federation in NATO Dmitriy Rogozin at the Assembly of WEU in Paris.

In case Ukraine joins NATO, it will have to impose visa regime regarding the countries not-members of NATO, namely citizens of RF, said Rogozin. It means Russia will be forced to make the same, which may complicate bilateral humanitarian relations.

‘Concerning Ukraine’s demand that the Black Sea Fleet leaves Sevastopol by the year 2017, I would like to say the City of Sevastopol was founded as the main base for the Black Sea Fleet not vise versa,’ stated Dmitriy Rogozin, gazeta.ru reports.

‘In other words, the matter is not that the Black Sea Fleet is based in Sevastopol, this city was actually founded for the Black Sea Fleet, not fleet for the city,' reminded Russian representative. That is why Ukraine has to follow all obligations it has taken, in particular the obligations of the Agreement between Russia and Ukraine: ‘Ukraine is an independent, nonaligned state.’


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