Anatoliy Golubchenko, first deputy of the head of Kyiv Council, calls Kyiv Council deputies to adopt changes to the city budget to avoid gas supply limitation.

According to press service of Kyiv Council, on June 4 Kyiv council received a letter from NAKNaftogas Ukraine, enclosing the reasons of limitation – exceeding the planed limit for Kyiv.

‘The situation is clear - Kyiv is a dynamically developing city, its construction, engineering, transportation and social infrastructure are being held actively. And this in turn requires additional resources,’ said Golubchenko.

According to Anatoliy Golubchenko, City Council has taken measures for misunderstanding between business subjects – Naftogas Ukraine, Kyivgas and Ukrtransgas didn’t influence on people or enterprises. To settle this problem Kyiv Council must adopt changes to the Kyiv City budget and increase the supply.


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