The Party of Regions has blocked the parliament podium, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Speaker of VR Arseniy Yatsenyuk was holding political consultations for the faction leaders concerning VRU podium deblocking and settling privatization questions.

As ForUm reported yesterday, on June 5 the Party of Regions was blocking the VRU podium for coalition not to discharge the Head of State Property Fund Valentyna Semenyuk until she would come and report on the work done.

According to Yatsenyuk, if VR doesn’t discharge Valentyna Semenyuk she will be replaced by the acting Head of State Property Fund appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

‘This is not of legal neither economical matter, it is a typical political problem, who will control financial flow and state property,’ said the Speaker.

‘Semenyuk must be present at the session. That is statutory requirement. She must report on the work done. Otherwise, tomorrow the court will abolish the regulation of VR. And then we will have a political collision again,’ said the Speaker.

‘For now there are two main variants. The first is that she is having examination abroad. The second – that she is on leave,’ said Yatsenyuk.


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