The Party of Regions is dissatisfied with reports of Minister of Finance Viktor Pinzenyk and Minister of Economy Bohdan Danilyshyn in the parliament. People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Mykhaylo Papiev sated at a briefing in the VRU.

“Because neither the Minister of Finance, nor the Minister of Economy have answered questions of the People’s deputies… We haven’t heard how the government intends to compensate citizens of Ukraine their losses from inflation,” the People’s deputy said.

According to Papiev, the Party of Regions faction will raise a question on criminal responsibility of members of the government for service negligence and “for the harm that they did to Ukrainian citizens”.

He informed that the Party of Regions had prepared its forecasts on GDP and inflation rates. “At the next sitting of the opposition government we will approve these rates and introduce into the parliament as legislation initiative of the People’s deputies,” the politician promised.


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