President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is ready to meet with representatives of the “People’s Self-Defense” if they refuse from ultimatums. Press secretary of the President Iryna Vannikova stated at a briefing.

She reminded that today Yushchenko held a meeting with the People’s deputies, members of the OU-PSD faction, during which current questions of the agenda of the faction’s work in the VRU was discussed.

According to Iryna Vannikova, the President expressed readiness to hold meeting with members of the “People’s Self-Defense”.

“I’m ready to do this and I will always be ready to meet. But I have one request to those who will represent “People’s Self-Defense”: there must be no ultimatums to the President. Either you go to other institutes with your ultimatums, or if you want a dialog, please, come to the President of your country as normal people with good manners,” press secretary Vannikova cited the President’s words.


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