Chairman of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers  change of the Constitution’s format in the party interests as inadmissible. He stated at a press conference in Odesa regional State administration.

“In today’s political condition the Constitutional changes are used for narrow political purposes of separate political forces. It means that they want to format the Constitution as a statute of this or that party,” the speaker noted.

According to Yatsenyuk, “if we form the Constitution for the current situation, this will be the Constitution of personalities”. “This is the Constitution of this or that political force. And it doesn’t mean that this Constitution is the document of nation and state,” the VRU chairman emphasized.

Yatsenyuk considers that the preparation process of changes introduction into the Constitution has been started rightly. “But as usual this or that insinuations take place,” he stated.

“I can guarantee that a certain number of versions of the Constitution will appear, in particular, the question on the language status, State structure of federalism will be raised,” he noted.

As a reminder, earlier Yatsenyuk had stated that today the process of the Constitutional reform should be stopped.


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