President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is sure that the democratic coalition will not collapse and calls the statements of Minister of Interior Yuriy Lutsenko as “sickly”. Yushchenko stated at a press conference for the Ukrainian mass media in Winnipeg (Canada) on Tuesday.

Yushchenko emphasizes that the coalition will not collapse and those who think that they can escape responsibility because of the coalition collapse have vain hopes. “I think that if one has failed then it is not necessary to swing the fists. And to speak from morning to night only demagogical thinks and hope that people will follows you – this is a thing of the past,” Yushchenko considers.

He reminded that he had himself proposed Lutsenko the position of the head of the Minister of Interior.

He notes that he doesn’t want to comment on the dirty and sickly statements and reach the level of those politicians who accuse him of coalition collapse.

As a reminder, yesterday Minister of Interior Yuriy Lutsenko stated that political revolution directed at return to “kuchmism” takes place in the State

Lutsenko accused head of the President’s Secretariat, Viktor Baloha and one of the PR’s leader, Borys Kolesnikov of conspiracy, directed at collapse of the democratic coalition, formation of the so-called “wide coalition” and return to “kuchmism”.

According Lutsenko, today’s processes in the country are “State” and “political” revolution and the fact of President’s support of the mentioned “Baloha-Kolesnikov” plan is “absolutely” obvious.


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