The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine considers that Georgia is able to regulate internal conflicts, but if there is a decision on international mission, Ukraine is ready to send its peacemaking contingent to this State.

“Georgia makes maximum efforts to regulate this question independently. If the decision on peacemaking mission is taken and the proposition on Ukrainian peacekeepers participation in the composition of the international mission is introduced, Ukraine will agree,” the press secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Vasyl Kyrylych informed at a briefing on Tuesday in Kyiv.

At the same time he noted that “at the moment there are no talks about the agreements”.

“If such decision is taken at the international level and Ukraine will be proposed to be the part of the international mission, it will participate,” Kyrylych emphasized.

The press secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine expressed assurance that “Georgia as an independent State has enough recourses in order to regulate this question on its territory”.


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