Ukraine's Health Ministry has stopped a campaign on vaccinating young people against measles and rubella. On May 17, 2008, the Minister ordered the withdrawal of vaccine produced by Serum Institute of India Ltd. in all of the Ukrainian regions. Cabinet's press service reports.

Following the death of a senior pupil from Kramatorsk on May 13 who underwent inoculation, another 92 children with ill health were hospitalized in Donetsk region. Other cases of negative post-vaccination reaction were registered in several regions, in particular, Kherson region.

As reported, according to the Government resolution and orders by the Ukrainian Health Ministry, Ukraine had to vaccinate citizens aged 16-29 against measles and rubella from May 26, 2008. This campaign started in connection with requirements of the World Health Organization that sent free nine million doses of Indian-made vaccine to Ukraine. However, the vaccine was not earlier tested in the country.

The immunologists, who earlier told the Ukrainian Health Ministry that there was no urgent need to hold mass vaccination against measles and rubella in Ukraine, do not rule out that Indian vaccine can be of good quality, however, it "does not take into account" the genome of Europeans.


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