President Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting today with Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasyl Knyazevych.

The main discussed question was a tragic death of a 17-year-old schoolboy from Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, after receiving measles vaccination. According to President the tragedy has shaken the whole Ukrainian society so the authorities must present an adequate and rapid reaction to the situation. He also demanded public investigation on the case. “We must gain back the confidence where it has been lost: for the ministry and for medical staff,” said Viktor Yushchenko.

The Minister from his part reported to President on the preliminary conclusions made by a special inquiry commission, initiated by the ministry, with participation of experts from the WHO and UNICEF. According to Mr. Knyazevych preliminary investigation shows that this has been a coincidence, as together with the schoolboy other 60 thousand people aged 16 through 29 has also received the vaccine and are feeling fine. At the same time he informed that Ministry of Health has currently ceased using the type of vaccine, which the deceased young man had received.


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