President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko recommended the Verkhovna Rada to return to the consideration of questions, foreseen by the approved agenda. As the press service of the Head of the State reports, he stated today at the meeting with PM Yulia Tymoshenko, VRU Chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk and leaders of the parliament’s factions.

“I think that to find ways of further parliament’s blocking is not national policy,” Yushchenko said.

“… I ask the parliament not to pay attention to adventures, trifles and to work normally,” he added

Yushchenko called those present to reject from politicking, take away emotions and “return to constructive work”.

“I address everybody – have those national interests, which do not permit to manipulate the parliament as any other institute of the State. Think of the country, nation, but not of yourself,” the President said.


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