Head of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Baloha categorically denies statements of some People's deputies concerning negotiations between the Secretariat and the BYuT faction about VRU deblocking. The press service of the President of Ukraine informs.

Baloha made BYuT responsible for the derangement of regular work of the parliament. "This political force has acted cynically: behind the false slogans it made impudent and unprecedented step and deranged annual speech of the President on the internal and external situation of Ukraine," Head of the President’s Secretariat said.

Baloha noted that the VRU agenda must determine the agreement on parliamentary majority formation. Among the urgent tasks for the coalition is the adoption of package of priority draft bills, in particular, new version of the law "On the Cabinet of Ministers" and adoption of changes into the State budget with corrected macroeconomic and social indicators.

According to him, no additional conditions, which the BYuT lays down, can’t be acceptable neither for the parliament, nor the President.


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