Prime Minster of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko states that the packet of anti inflation laws is in the Verkhovna Rada, but it is not put for consideration and the President’s Secretariat insists to adopt the law on the Cabinet of Ministers.

“The packet is in the parliament for months. Nobody has put it on the agenda,” Tymoshenko said at the press conference on Tuesday in the Verkhovna Rada.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the agenda of the VRU sessions is planned not by the democratic coalition. “It’s a pity but it is formed by the President’s Secretariat where for the forth month we see the law on the Cabinet of Ministers on the VRU agenda with the demands of the President, which give another authorities to the side of the President,” Tymoshenko said.

According to her, every day of the Secretariat’s work is directed to persuade that the Cabinet can’t reduce inflation.

“We will not leave the podium, until three anti inflations laws are adopted,” she emphasized.


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