Leader of the "People's Self-Defense", Ukrainian Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko considers that the statements of Moscow Mayor Yuriy Luzhkov about Sevastopol are worthy of institution of criminal proceedings for violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Lutsenko said today at a press conference.

"Regarding the statement of Luzhkov - it is unprecedented shameful, and in my opinion, it is necessary together with the Security Service of Ukraine to bring a criminal case for the statements on the territorial integrity of Ukraine," Lutsenko said.

As a reminder, on May 12 during the celebrations of the 225th anniversary of the RF Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol Mayor Luzhkov stated in his speech that the question on Sevastopol “hasn’t been solved”.

“This question hasn’t been solved and we will solve it. We will solve it in favor of those state positions and state right which Russia has concerning its navy base – Sevastopol,” Luzhkov said.

The mayor of Moscow reminded that in 1948 Sevastopol became a city of state subordination. “In 1954 the city hadn’t been introduced to a row of those regions, those territories which Khrushchev passed Ukraine,” Luzhkov said.

“I don’t want any split (between Russia and Ukraine), I want to tell truth,” the politician noted.


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