Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has called national unity as a condition for improvement of living standards of Ukrainians. Today at the mini-press conference after a rally near the memorial complex "Savur-Tomb" Viktor Yushchenko stressed that "a nation that is united, a nation that is jointed could set big tasks, and living standards depend on this and how we will live tomorrow ".

Talking about his today’s visit to the Donetsk region, the President noted that "this visit shows that we are united, that Ukraine is single, that we have a wonderful great holiday, which can unite us”.

The President stressed that "even things that are estimated in different ways in such days must be on the third, fourth and tenth plan". According to the President, Ukrainians "should make a lot of efforts to see their nation united".

Yushchenko said that "this visit underlines that for me every meter is of great importance, every span of Ukrainian land, every person, regardless of where he lives. This is my mission not only as a President, but as a citizen of this country".


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