The mockup of educational missile, belonging to the RF Black Sea Fleet, doesn’t make any threats for people and it has been passed to Russian sailors, the press service of the public relations of the RF Black Sea Fleet reports.

“It was examined in presence of representatives of frontier service, naval service, Extraordinary Ministry and Interior Ministry of Ukraine. During the examination it was established that “this product is not fighting and doesn’t make any threats for people and environment”. The corresponding formal note was made,” the statement of the Black Sea fleet says.

It is noted that this document was signed by all participants of examination and after this the decision on transmission of this mockup to the Black Sea Fleet was made.

It was confirmed in the Black Sea Fleet headquarter that “the product (mockup) was really found at the seacoast near Alushta city by the frontier service of Ukraine”.

Representatives of the RF Black Sea fleet showed documents, confirming that this missile belongs to one of the military unit of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

As earlier reported, on Tuesday 27 a missile was discovered at a Black Sea coast in Crimea near Alushta city. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine delivered a note of protest to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation concerning the activities of the RF Black Sea Fleet, which tested new missiles on the territory of Ukraine without informing the Ukrainian side about that. The note was given to adviser of the Russian Embassy to Ukraine Vsevolod Loskutov


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