Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko states that the court has suspended decrees of President Yushchenko concerning leadership of the State Property Fund and also all orders of the head of the State Property Fund on suspension of privatization of the Odesa Pre-Port Plant.

“According to the decision of the Constitutional Council from April 17 and the Circuit administrative court in Kyiv, Adriy Portnovthe is appointed as acting head of the State Property Fund,” the Prime Minister said.

As a reminder, Yushchenko issued a decree on April 15, which suspended the resolution of the Tymoshenko government, dated February 11, on the terms of sale of the 99.52 % package of shares of the Odesa Pre-Port Plant.

Besides, on February 7 President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko by his degree stopped the Cabinet’s resolution on Valentyna Semenyuk discharge from the position of the State Property Fund head. The President also sent the corresponding submission to the Constitutional Court concerning the constitutionality of the Cabinet’s resolution


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