Member of the “Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense” bloc Anatoliy Hrytsenko is sure that Head of the Ukrainian State Viktor Yushchenko doesn’t have chances to win President’s elections in 2010.

“First of all, the President is oriented to the elections, although he doesn’t have chances among the three (Yulia Tymoshenko, Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych – ed.). Prime Minister rejects presidential ambitions, but nobody believes her. Yanukovych acts against his conscious when he says that for him it is not comfortable in the opposition. I think that he could refuse from presidential ambitious in exchange for PM post even today,” Hrytsenko said in an interview with the newspaper “Delo”.

“If Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Yanukovych thought less about presidency or chancellorship, they could work more for the country, unite efforts and together to be busy in necessary reforms. They are in front of dilemma: rating, popularity or reforms… The choice was made for benefit of the first – rating rise. But this is not policy in this case, this is politicking,” the parliamentarian is sure.


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