President Viktor Yushchenko took part in a meeting of Coordinative board on preparation to Euro-2012 in Lviv. President’s press office reports.

In his address President Yushchenko expressed opinion that Ukraine and Poland have already done a lot of work in preparing to hold Euro-2012. “I have no doubt that Ukraine and Poland have done everything possible at national level to present positive response and signal to the whole world and to European continent, that together with business we proceed normally towards holding a successful Euro-2012,” he said.

Characterizing this project, Yushchenko noted its importance for advancement of policy to European integration of Ukraine. “I’m sure that for the Ukrainian side when we speak about Euro-2012, we speak about European integration,” he added.

At the same time President Yushchenko listed a number of questions requiring joint settlement by the two countries such as liberalization of border crossing procedures and visa rules, enhancing information coverage of the preparation process, etc.


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