The statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is spread in headquarter of the UNO in New York, “concerning anti Ukrainian statements of high officials of the Russian Federation in relation to sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

“Taking into account that the position, expressed by the Russian Federation, can have unpredictable consequences for the world and safety, I ask to spread this letter and attachment to it as the document of the General assembly according to point 12 of the agenda,” the covering letter of Ukrainian representative in the UNO Yuriy Serheyev says.

It is emphasized in the statement of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that it is seriously anxious about latest publications of the officials of the Russian Federation about Ukraine. It says that “these statements, which have frankly anti Ukrainian character, calls in question the territorial integrity of Ukraine and indicates the direct interference in its inner policy”.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that the Russian Federation as one of the sides of the Memorandum and constant members of the Safety council of the United Nations Organization, which is responsible for maintenance of the international peace and safety, undertakes unfriendly steps in direction to Ukraine, calls in question its territorial integrity and sovereign right to take decision concerning own foreign-policy choice,” the statement says.

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine demands from the Russian side to stop practice of threats in address to Ukraine and to follow regulations of peace, cooperation and partnership between the two countries.


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