Today’s meeting of the democratic coalition will be held without participation of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and representatives of the mass media. People’s deputy from the BYuT faction Valeriy Pysarenko stated in an exclusive interview with the ForUm’s correspondent.

“This is the meeting of the democratic coalition, so the People’s deputies of the democratic coalition participate in it. We don’t see necessity for participation of the President or the PM. I think that it will not enable us to disclose those questions, which we want to discuss,” he said.

According to Pysarenko, the Head of the state, the head of the Cabinet and the VRU speaker will be informed about the results of today’s sitting. “We will charge the Council of the democratic coalition with the task to inform the President, the PM and the speaker about decisions,” he assured.

Besides, the People’s deputy explained why the meeting will be held without the participation of the mass media. “I think that the coalition has enough questions that are necessary to discuss behind the closed doors. Recently many representatives of the coalition have allowed themselves to express their opinions, exceeding the limit, and they have exposed existence of the normal relations in the coalition to danger. That’s why, I think there are many question, which must be discussed without participation of journalists," Pysarenko emphasized.


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