Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has sent a note to Russia, where it asks to represent without a delay explanations concerning statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about Ukraine.

“In connection with publication in the newspaper “Kommersant” from April 7 and in other Russian mass media the information that during Russia-NATO sitting on April 4 the President of the Russian Federation stated that Ukraine is not even a state, as well as other comments – I mean the interview of Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on the radio “Echo of Moscow” – in fact the information is confirmed and then it is stressed that they will undertake all measures in order not let Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO. So the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine sent a note to the Foreign Ministry of the RF, where Ukraine asks to represent without a delay explanations from the Russian side concerning statements of the Russian leaders,” head of the Foreign Ministry’s press service Vasyl Kyrylych stated on Thursday evening.

Earlier, “Kommersant” reported that Russian President Putin on April 4 at the closed Russia-NATO Council in Bucharest made it very clear that in case joining NATO Ukraine can stop its existence as a united state. “...when the matter concerned Ukraine, Putin stated, addressing Bush: “You understand, George, Ukraine is not a State! What is Ukraine? A part of its territory is Eastern Europe and another part, and rather big, was presented by us”. And then he drop a hint that if Ukraine joins NATO, this state will finish its existence,” "Kommersant” reported

In his turn, on April 8 Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia will undertake all efforts in order not to let Ukraine's and Georgia's joining NATO.

"We will do everything not to let acceptance of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO, and not to let worsening of relations inevitably connected with this both with the Alliance, and with its leading members, and with our neighbors," Lavrov said.


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