On eve of the summit in Bucharest Party of Regions addressed the people, spreading the leaflets with the following text:


Everybody who is not indifferent to fortune of Ukraine!

We invite you on April 3, during the work of the Bucharest summit, to participate in the meeting that will take place in Maidan Nezalezhnosti square at 5 p.m. to support position of the majority of Ukrainians – against joining NATO!

At the summit in Bucharest an attempt to launch inevitable process of Ukraine’s joining this military-political alliance will be made.

We are being persuaded: NATO = Europe. For example Finland and Sweden are European countries but at the same time they are not members of NATO. At that Turkey being a member of NATO almost 30 years has not reached to the European Union.

Today average Americans who give significant part of their family budget for military operation in Iraq do not want to pay for this operation any more and do not want their men to die there. Do Ukrainians want this?
Ukrainians have expressed their will during referendum: “Ukraine is independent, out of bloc state!”
This is the way Party of Regions intends to impose Ukrainians its opinion concerning NATO. Instead of this Ukrainians should be given proper information with all advantages and disadvantages for Ukraine of possible perspective to join NATO. Not only people but even politicians, so called “proffessors” with bought diplomas, do not know what NATO means and how to interpret the abbreviation. In fact, now the matter does not concern joining NATO but joining MAP that is only a step ahead on the way of joining NATO in long-term perspective.
Katerina Burlak.

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