President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is sure that all sides will receive benefits from deepen cooperation, and Ukraine’s joining NATO in perspective. As press office of the President informs, Yushchenko stated in an interview with Romanian newspaper.

“In fact, the process of Ukraine’s joining NATO structures will become a process of building of new safety formula for Europe. And for Ukraine this will be a final rupture of all chains, which bind us to negative experience of the European past,” he said.

The President expressed assurance that Ukraine fully corresponds to criteria, necessary to obtain a status of candidacy for NATO membership. “Political stability and democratic development of society is the condition “a priori”,” the President said.

Yushchenko confirmed that wide range of interior reforms, foreseen by MAP, is very necessary for Ukraine.

President noted such reforms concern not only the sphere of safety, law enforcement bodies and troops. “The very important is also the achievement of stable rates of economic development,” Yushchenko noted.


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