Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma thinks that Ukraine will not be able to obtain MAP.

“I think that most likely the answer will be “no”, than “yes”. Taking into account the position of countries with old democracies, Germany, France, and their relations with Russia, it is hard to believe in favorable for Ukraine result at the summit. Russia plays an important role and it is clear why. In the past President of the Russian Federation Boris Eltsin stood against Latvia’s, Estonia’s, Lithuania’s joining NATO and nobody paid attention to this. But today it is another situation. The USA is not one of the poles of the world policy. Such strong players as China, India, Brazil and Russia have appeared. And the USA takes this into account. Yesterday I heard that 30% of Ukrainian population support Ukraine’s joining NATO, it is quite good number. But in 2002 there were about 40% of support of the Alliance…”

The former President of Ukraine considers that today there is another situation. “It is necessary to look at the regions, in the west the support of NATO is 95%, but in the east the support is very small. For what purpose should we deepen the line of division of Ukraine?”


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