Today a break of legislation and Constitution by all branches of power is observed in Ukraine. The chairman of the parliamentary committee on national defense and security Anatoly Hrytsenko said that today in scope of the reund table devoted to “100 days of government work”.

According to Hrytsenko, violations are made by the President side, government and also by other representatives of power.

He drew attention of power representatives to these violations. Hrytsenko got a reply from head of President’s Secretariat which says that President acts in accordance with the Constitution.

According to Hrytsenko, the government has become a hostage of its own populist election campaign because it should fulfill all given promises. At the same time, the government works not in friendly but in hostile environment.

In this connection Hrytsenko called all branches of power to act transparently while solving principle issues. In particular, according to Hrytsenko, the issue on gas price needs serious talks. “But the President, government and opposition government are afraid to speak of those things which are unsolved,’ Hrytsenko said.

He reminded that gas issue is not finally solved. “I do not exclude that on April 1, when Bush comes here, Russia may cut gas supplies. So on fool’s day we may have serious problem,” he added.


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