Today, March 27 is 100 days since Yulia Tymoshenko’s government has come to power.

On December 18 the VRU elected Yulia Tymoshenko as the PM. 227 People’s deputies voted for that.

Appointment of Yulia Tymoshenko was not easy. On December 11 the parliament could not vote for her.

On December 18 the parliament managed to vote for PM appointment. Yulia Tymoshenko is a Prime Minister.

On December 19 the first Cabinet session of new government took place.

On December 28 Viktor Yushchenko participated in Cabinet session.

On January 9 the Cabinet held first session in 2008.

On January 15 Tymoshenko presented Action plan of the government.

After that Yulia Tymoshenko was on sick list. Then solved gas conflict.

On March 19 Tymoshenko reported on Cabinet results and achievements.


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