Chairman of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that disagreements between President Viktor Yushchenko and PM Yulia Tymoshenko are on ideological level. He said that today in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“There is no secret that relations are difficult. The President cant be silent because Ukraine is not a joint stock company. Disagreements are on ideological level,” Yatsenyuk said.

According to him, one side intends to act strategically, another one – in a populist way.

Answering the question whether the parliament is now viable, Yatsenyuk expressed opinion that now parliament’s temperature is chronically getting higher. He said that it is for the first time in Ukraine’s history when coalition has two votes more than opposition. “De jure coalition exists but de facto 227 votes are too little. People’s deputies are often sick and do not come to sessions. I have put draft bill on cancellation of People’s deputies immunity for voting four times but coalition did not manage to vote for it, despite it was a key slogan during election campaign. The VRU learns to live in new political construction,” he said.


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