In February of the current year GDP was growing for the first time for long period. Prime Miniter of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko said that today, opening the Cabinet session, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

PM reminded that during 2007 GDP growth rate was constantly decreasing.

She informed that in January-February of the current year real GDP increase comprised 5.8%. Last year for the same period it comprised 4.9%. Tymoshenko noted that in February 2008 GDP growth increased by 6.7%. “I think this positive dynamic will be only improved,” she added.

Moreover, Tymoshenko noted that growth of production of engineering industry comprised 34.9%. “It is a good result that shows we work in structural development of our economy,” she added.

PM also noted that last year increase of real incomes of Ukrainians comprised 12.8%, while in January 2008 increase of incomes comprised 23.4%

Tymoshenko noted that three main dynamics are observed in Ukraine: significant increase of incomes of Ukrainians, GDP increase and reduction of the inflation rate. These three components are united and show about strong development of economy.

According to last data of State statistics committee, in January-February 2008 inflation rate comprised 5.7%. It is the highest showing for last 8 years. It is the half of the inflation rate predicted in the budget for 2008(9.6%).


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