The VRU has voted for resolution on appointment of early elections of Kyiv mayor and Kyiv city council. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Such decision was supported by 246 People’s deputies.

Mykola Tomenko informed about results of investigating commission. The composition of commission consisted of 17 People’s deputies proportionally to the parliament composition. So the commission is not an instrument either of coalition or opposition. Tomenko noted that Kyiv city administration had created its own system of lands allocations that contradicts to current legislation.

Tomenko noted the system of artificially bankruptcy of communal enterprises was created and program on their privatization was developed.

Moreover, according to results of Control-revision governance, the total sum of violations by Kyiv council comprised UAH 1.229 milliard. The system of Kyiv governance is out of legal field.

According to results of Ecology Ministry, some decisions were made by Kyiv council that cause ecologic threat for Ukraine.


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