People’s deputy from PR Nestor Shufrych considers that failure of voting for early elections of Kyiv mayor will cause the split of the coalition. He told the parliamentary journalists, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“I think that first of all we must pay our attention to results of voting for draft bill on Cabinet. BYuT is likely to vote for Cabinet law and OU-PSD will not able to blame BYuT for break of coalition agreements,” he said.

Shufrych noted that if the voting for early election of Kyiv mayor and Kyiv council is failed then Tymoshenko will blame Yushchenko and his people for break of coalition agreements. Taking into consideration excellent skills of Yulia Tymoshenko, the whole country will hear about it. There may be complications in parliamentary coalition which can lead to its liquidation de facto or even de jure.

Shufrych also noted that PR has not taken a decision on delegation of candidacy for a Kyiv mayor yet but such powerful party as PR cant be aside of such important issue.


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