NSDC secretary Raisa Bohatyryova criticizes Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for protectionism of interests of her own party. It is said in Bohatyryova’s statement.

“Ultimatum of Yulia Tymoshenko concerning elections of Kyiv mayor which will lead only to intensification of parliamentary crisis, shows that head of the government acts egoistically but not as leader of political force. In such a way the government provides protectionism not to state policy but to own party. The matter concerns creation of policy-party monopoly using executive system of power that can lead to legalization of political corruption,” Bohatyryova said.

According to Bohatyryova, such actions of BYuT can totally destabilize situation in the legislative body, in the country and undermine national security. Under such conditions it is practically impossible for VRU to work effectively and stable. The President Viktor Yushchenko will never agree with attempt of blackmail and pressure on president and other institution.

As a reminder, Tymoshenko stated that BYuT would not participate in the VRU work until the decision on early elections of Kyiv mayor is taken.


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