Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky stated that BYuT faction is on the way of blackmail and pressure on People’s deputies.

“I think that statementto stop work of BYuT faction in the parliament until the question on Kyiv mayor is considered, is an attempt of pressure on the President, VRU, Kyiv council and Kyiv citizens,” Chernovetsky said in particular.

According to Chernovetsky, “ways of blackmail” used by PM show that BYuT faction is not going to act legally.

Chernovetsky considers that unreasonable actions of current government, led to inflation growth, tense situation with payments of deposits, price increase for energy resources, need serious checks.

“People deputies from BYuT faction are characterized by the most activity of plunder of land in Ukraine. I am an obstacle for Yulia Tymoshenko to set dictatorship of bribery and larceny,” he said.

As a reminder, Tymoshenko stated that BYuT would not participate in the VRU work until the decision on early elections of Kyiv mayor is not taken.


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