Ukraine risks to loose control over strategic objects. It is said in the letter of PR leader Viktor Yanukovych to Viktor Yushchenko. Yanukovych asks Yushchenko to take measures in order to stop “criminal sale of state property” by Cabinet of Ukraine until new privatization program is approved, ForUm’s correspondent informs..

Yanukovych has noted that actions of Yulia Tymoshenko‘s government on privatization are unsystematic and do not correspond to President’s resolution on investment activity of April 10, 2006 and state program on privatization.

According to him, the government intends to privatize state property in such volumes that destabilize market and lead to assets devaluation. The government considers privatization only as source of budget deficit covering and financing of populist objects that may contribute to loss of national wealth of Ukraine, inflation hike and impoverishment of people.

Yanukovych considers that privatization in Ukraine is rash, unreasonable and unprepared that can lead to loss of control over strategic objects.

In this connection, PR leader on behalf of his party asks the President to take measures in order to stop criminal actions of current government.

Viktor Yanukovych also noted that his opposition government does not support current Cabinet on privatization of strategic objects, in particular “Ukrtelecom”, Odesa port plant, “Luhanskteplovoz”. According to Yanukovych, Ukraine is not ready for such privatization today.


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