Europe is against joining of Ukraine to Action plan on membership in NATO. Delegation of representatives of Party of Regions headed by Viktor Yanukovych stated that after its visit to Brussels. Having negotiated with EU officials, Yanukovych said that Ukraine would not get positive answer on membership in NATO at coming summit in Bucharest in April. European politicians also express the same opinion. However even Party of Regions heads do not believe in that because of significant pressure from America.

According to PR member Leonid Kozhara, after meetings in Brussels it became clear that although America is for Ukraine’s joining Action plan concerning membership in NATO, Germany, France and Spain are against this joining. It is not important for Europe whether Ukraine is in NATO or not. Europe is interested in Ukraine as a link in system of Russian energy resources transportation and does not want Ukraine to become instable, because majority of Ukrainians are against NATO, so is Russia.

Despite optimistic for PR news, many representatives of this political force believe that America will persuade Europe and Ukraine will join Action plan on membership in NATO.


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