President Viktor Yushchenko chaired a meeting yesterday dedicated to state of affairs in movie industry concerned with Constitutional Court’s decision of December 24, 2007, stating that all foreign language movies must be dubbed, made soundtracks or subtitled in Ukrainian. President's press office reports.

Stressing that it is obligatory that the decision is obeyed thus returning Ukrainian language films to cinema and TV screens, President, however, suggested that Ministry of Culture together with State Cinematography Service and representatives from movies distributors would work out a compromise scheme. The scheme would both guarantee implementation of Constitutional Court’s decision and, at the same time, took into consideration language preferences of people from southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. Participants of the meeting were Vice Prime Minister Mykola Vasyunyk, Minister of Culture Vasyl Vovkun, head of State Cinematography Service Hanna Chmil, director-general of «B&H Film Distribution» Bohdan Batrukh, “Odessa film studio” board head Oleksandr Tkachenko, etc.


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