Lytvyn bloc is ready to “give a shoulder” to the coalition. Volodymyr Lytvyn informed today, commenting on statement of OU-PSD faction leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko on closer relations between two political forces. Earlier Kyrylenko noted that OU-PSD faction aimed at closer relations with Lytvyn bloc faction.

Lytvyn noted that he understands current situation in the parliament with all its consequences both for coalition and his bloc. He noted that his political force is ready for constructive work.

Lytvyn promised that his political force would support decision of the parliament without any conditions if it coincides with Lytvyn bloc’s position.

At the same time Lytvyn criticized position of the coalition during work at the political agreement. Lytvyn does not see anything worthy in this document to speak about.

Lytvyn considers it is real the parliament to renew its work next week. It should be done without any conditions. People’s deputies must come in the parliament and start working.


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