Deputy head of President’s Secretariat Oksana Slyusarenko does not exclude that further blocking of parliamentary podium can be favorable not only for the opposition but also for BYuT faction.

According to Slyusarenko, efforts of coalition on overcoming the confrontation in the VRU are not persistent enough that give grounds for assumption of hidden motives of such inactivity. “Adoption of many draft bills are on agenda of the parliament, including draft bill on Cabinet.”

According to her, BYuT is not satisfied with new version of the law on Cabinet, that’s why nonfunctioning VRU can be favourable for this political force because BYuT leader is head of the government. Adoption of the government action plan is postponed for indeterminate period. In case of possible dismissal of the parliament, ministers will keep obtaining their posts and BYuT will count for improvement of its result at elections.


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