The meeting of parliament’s speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk with faction of Lytvyn’s bloc has been already completed. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

During the meeting leader of the bloc of Lytvyn, Volodymyr Lytvyn has stated that the position of his faction is considered as weakness. He has noted that his political force is proposed to choose any side. “But we do not apprehend these two colors which are in the parliament,” the People’s deputy said.

The leader of the bloc has stressed that it is necessary to confess that there is no coalition in the parliament.

He is sure that the crisis in the parliament will not end soon. He is sure that the coalition was formed for definite time. “It is connected with the next presidential elections,” the politician has explained.

According to Lytvyn, he has never apprehended the “artificial division on coalition and the opposition”.


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