Ukraine will never become the member of NATO without the decision of the Ukrainian people at the referendum. VRU speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated at the meeting with the CPU faction. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

He has noted that all other political forces, represented in the parliament, also hold such position. “Today we speak about the agreement of the text of the resolution, I don’t understand the topic of discussion,” the VRU chairman stated.

Yatsenyuk stresses that Ukraine hasn’t yet jointed the Membership Action Plan. “I willn't divulge a secret if I say that there is no MAP. How can we discuss the plan concerning membership, if it doesn’t exist? In order the MAP to be, it is necessary to start the round of negotiations, which will last about half a year at best,” he stated. Yatsenyuk has proposed communists not to discuss those problems, which are not urgent for Ukraine.


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