Russia has proposed Ukraine to develop oil and gas deposits in both countries, but at the same time it has stated about the necessity to observe rights of the Russian investors in Ukraine. These problems were discussed on Wednesday during the visit of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to Moscow and during her meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of the RF Viktor Zubkov.

Putin has stated at the meeting with the Ukrainian PM that “joint investment” is the promising direction of the cooperation of the two countries.

“We would like everything that concerns our Russian investors to be in the framework of the acting  Ukrainian legislation, and also our investors must not have the position worse than other investors,” the President of the RF stressed.

Viktor Zubkov at the briefing after the negotiations with Tymoshenko has informed that Russia proposes Ukraine the joint development of oilfield in both countries.

“Among our proposition is not only the transit, but also the joint opening of hydrocarbon deposits in both countries, and with equivalent exchange of assets,” Zubkov said.

He has also confirmed the achievement of agreements between the two countries in the gas sphere.

He has noted that “our reliable cooperation in the energy sphere is the guarantee of the successful development of the two countries and the joint investment in the energy safety of Europe”.

President Putin at the meeting with Tymoshenko has also stated that the consultations of the heads of the two countries have shown the absence of deep contradictions in the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

He has noted that the intergovernmental consultations “were productive: we agreed on a row of questions”.

Tymoshenko from her side has stated that she doesn’t see any question in the Russian-Ukrainian relations, concerning which both sides have serious contradictions.

Putin has asked Tymoshenko whether she is satisfied with the negotiations with Zubkov. “Yes, we have discussed many questions, and there is no question, concerning which we have deep contradictions,” the PM of Ukraine answered.


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