The leaders of 9 parties of the OU-PSD addressed NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer with the request to support actions of the heads of Ukraine concerning Ukraine’s joining the NATO Membership Action Plan. People’s deputy from the OU-PSD Borys Tarasyuk stated in an interview with journalists.

According to Tarasyuk, the corresponding letter was signed yesterday, on February 19. “In this letter we stated legal and legislative bases, explanation and legitimacy of this step of the Ukrainian power, based on the legislation,” he said.

The leaders of 9 parties note that the Party of Regions, which in its letter to the NATO General Secretary states that it is the opponent of Ukraine’s joining NATO, “tells untruth”.

According to Tarasyuk, members of the OU-PSD remind in the letter that the Party of Regions voted for NATO membership in 2002, as well as in 2003, and leader of this political force Viktor Yanukovych, whishing to take the position of the Prime Minister, promised to join plans concerning Ukraine’s joining NATO.

“So, we support actions of the Ukrainian power concerning NATO membership. We say that it is necessary to consult people, as it is noted in the letter of the President, the PM, and the VRU chairman. But at the same time, we pay our attention to sociological researches, which show that 58% of Ukrainians don’t consider the referendum on NATO membership to be urgent,” Tarasyuk said.


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