President Viktor Yushchenko has met today with Yulia Tymoshenko prior to her visit to Moscow. President's press office reports.

Opening the meeting President reminded that despite the agreement between V. Yushchenko and V. Putin saying that Ukraine would pay off 7,5 billions of hryvnyas debts for 2007 consumed gas by February 14, so far only 1,5 billion of them has been paid off. Therefore V. Yushchenko heavily criticized Ministry of Finance, which according to him “has not yet paid off a single dime”. President also expressed concerns about overall government’s inactivity in resolving gas issues, thus violating agreements between Presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

V. Yushchenko also asked Y. Tymoshenko and her Cabinet’s members to refrain from politicizing the matter. He also reminded that during his visit to Russia, he and Russian President have already found mutual understanding on both 2007 issues and gas market organization during 2008.


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