The problem of the Ukrainian parliament is not because of NATO. Head of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated at a briefing on Monday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to the speaker, any of the factions, which has supported the proposition of political agreement conclusion, has not presented its propositions. “The factions of the majority, the OU-PSD and the BYuT, have noted that they are ready to sign the political agreement. It’s a pity, but factions of the minority haven’t performed any proposition concerning this political agreement,” he said.

According to Yatsenyuk, he has proposed factions’ leaders to come to the session hall and to vote for all regulations concerning NATO, and then to take decision concerning the question on referendum holding after the Bucharest summit and before the decision of the Cabinet. At the same time he has noted that those who block the VRU podium are not interested in these questions.

The VRU head has said that he is in the negotiation process every day.

According to Yatsenyuk, he has made a conclusion that separate political forces consider the compromise as the display of weakness.

The speaker explained his position: “Let factions’ leaders negotiate, if there is the subject for negotiations. Either the parliament works systematically, or it will be buried”.


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