Nobody in Russia intends to target rockets at Ukraine, if there are no NATO bases on its territory , Ambassador of Russia to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin states.

“Nobody intends to target anything. If Ukraine isn’t in NATO, if NATO troops are not placed here, as well as NATO bases… Who will do this? Nobody has even a thought about this,” he stated in Kyiv.

The Ambassador has emphasized that if there are no NATO bases and troops of the Alliance, then there will be no aggravation of Ukrainian-Russian relations. “It doesn’t depend on Putin, in depends on Ukraine,” he added.

As a reminder, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated yesterday that the RF didn’t exclude the possibility to point its rockets at Ukraine, if NATO military bases appear on the territory of this country in future.

“We will be forced to retarget our rockets towards those objects, which we consider to be threatening to our national safety. I have to tell about this today directly and honestly,” Putin said at the press conference on Thursday.


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